Patrece J. Johnson
Owner & Head Chef

Patrece started out selling dinners , out of her father and mother's kitchen in West Atco, New Jersey, to the employees at Ancora Hospital, the Berlin Farmers Mart, and to the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, and quickly became a success.

Selling dinners went from being a one time event to make some extra money, to Patrece being asked by a majority of her patrons to open up a local restaurant so they would be able to purchase her food on a daily basis.  Patrece, not being able to open a restaurant right away, started thinking of ways to please her patrons, fulfill her love for cooking, and have a lucrative business and J.C. Catering Company was born.

Patrece is also a successful Certified Wedding and Event Planner and Travel Agent. She is a single mother with one daughter, age 21, and one son, age 16.

.JoCo Catering
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